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Dundee Central School 
Alumni Association

    Welcome to the internet home of the DCS Alumni Association. This is your web site, and its success is entirely dependent on your support in the form of contributions of recollections, reminiscences and anecdotes from your own ". . . dear old golden rule days" in Dundee.  While the great majority of our members attended Dundee Central School, we by no means wish to exclude those most senior and most honored among us who attended the various district schools prior to formal centralization in 1939.  We also want to encourage active participation by future alumni, the present DCS student body, who are in the best position to give us all better insight into present-day activities and the future direction of our alma mater.  

     Membership in the Alumni Association is entirely free and automatic for all who have attended Dundee Central School or any of the district schools operating prior to 1939.  Election of officers is held each year at the Association's annual reunion.  Officers for  the year ending June 2014 elected on June 20, 2013, include:  

President Albert J. Kopec ('58)
Vice President Doris Tetor Allen ('59)
Secretary Eleanor Bennett Parker ('58)
Treasurer David R. Tetor ('61)
Historian Carol Moore Raps ('59)

     There are several thousand living alumni of Dundee area schools, but we currently have only a fraction of that number on our mailing list.  If you have not received an Alumni Association mailing in the last year or two but have now found us here on the Web, please make yourself known to us in all the detail you care to share.  At the very least please e-mail your current mailing address to the DCS Alumni Association at this address: 

     This web site is maintained on a purely voluntary basis at no cost to the DCS Alumni Association.  The web site looks best when viewed in Netscape Navigator.  Check here for the dates of the most recent revisions to the various pages within our site:  This Home Page - 05/17/10Membership Roster - 03/06/14The Passing Scene - 03/09/12DCS Today - 05/22/14Bulletin Board - 06/28/14 Recollections - 02/17/08Related Links - 10/10/07  Guestbook.- 01/19/12. 

Support the Dundee Youth Center

      The Dundee Youth Center is an after school drop-in center for youth in grades 6-12 living in the Dundee Central School district.  We offer a safe, drug -free place for youth to go after school, during school vacations and in the summer.  In 2008, the Center served over 300 unduplicated youth.  The Center offers a vast variety of educational and recreational programs, as well as food each day at no cost to the youth.  Youth are involved in many community service projects and fund raising events.  Budget cuts at the state level and the loss of the $50,000-a-year Safe Places grant have made keeping our doors open difficult.  Staff hours have been cut, but our commitment to the youth and programming remains the same.  

      We are asking for your help, as alumni of Dundee Central.  Please visit our website by clicking here. We are confident you will find the Dundee Area Youth Center worthy of your tax deductible donation.  

Dundee Area Youth Center, Inc. 
PO Box 136, Dundee, New York 14837 

Support the 
Dundee Central School 
Symphonic Steel  
Send contributions c/o Mr. Dunham 
Dundee Central School, 55 Water Street 
Dundee, New York 14837